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Hybrid axial and radial Si-GaAs heterostructures in nanowires

Hybrid structures are formed from materials of different families. Traditionally, group IV and III-V semiconductors have not been integrated together in the same device or application. In this work we present a new approach for obtaining Si-GaAs hybrid heterostructures in nanowires based on a combination of molecular beam epitaxy and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Crystalline Si segments are integrated into GaAs nanowires grown by the Ga-assisted growth method at temperatures as low as 250 degrees C. We find that one of the most important factors leading to the successful growth of Si segments on GaAs is the silane-hydrogen dilution, which affects the concentration of silicon and hydrogen-based radicals (SiHx with x < 3) in the plasma, and determines if the Si shell is amorphous, polycrystalline or crystalline, and also if the growth takes place in the axial and/or radial directions. This work opens the path for the successful integration of silicon and III-V materials in one single nanowire.


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