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Finger Probe Array for Topography-Tolerant Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy of Extended Samples

Scanning electrochemical microscopy with soft microelectrode array probes has recently been used to enable reactivity imaging of extended areas and to compensate sample corrugation perpendicular to the scanning direction. Here, the use of a new type of microelectrode arrays is described in which each individual microelectrode can independently compensate corrugations of the sample surface. It consists of conventional Pt microelectrodes enclosed in an insulating glass sheath. The microelectrodes are individually fixed to a new holder system by magnetic forces. The concept was tested using a large 3D sample with heights up to 12 μm specially prepared by inkjet printing. The microelectrodes follow the topography in a constant working distance independently from each other while exerting low pressure on the surface.

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