CAMEA: Simulations and Kinematic Calculations

During the design of CAMEA extensive simulations and cinematic calculations were performed to explore the waste parameter space. These have led to a far better understanding of the instrument performance as well as new ideas to improve the instrument. Many simulations of the backend were done using a simpler triple axis model of the instrument but the final performance simulations were done using the full proposed ESS instrument.

    Keywords: Neutron scattering ; instrumentation ; European Spallation Source (ESS)


    This work is carried out as part of the CAMEA work project. Members of this project are: Paul G. Freeman, Henrik M. Ronnow (EPFL), Christof Niedermayer, Fanni Jurányi, Márton Markó (PSI) Kim Lefmann, Jonas Okkels Birk, Mads Bertelsen (University of Copenhagen) Niels Bech Christensen, Jacob Larsen (Technical University of Denmark)


    • EPFL-REPORT-190505

    Record created on 2013-11-12, modified on 2017-05-12

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