CAMEA: Guide Report

This document describes the best current candidate for a CAMEA guide made by the optimizer guide bot. The guide bot tool generates the McStas instrument and iFit files necessary for guide optimization, making it easy to investigate a large number of possibilities. The baseline requirements for the CAMEA guide is a 15 mm x 15 mm sample 0.6 m from the end of the guide, with a divergence requirement of ±0.75 degrees in the horizontal direction and ±1.0 degrees in the vertical direction. The distance between moderator and sample is 170 m. The guide does provide flux in a larger area than the requirement and at larger divergences, but the phase space illumination is only uniform within the requirement. The guide is intended to be used for the wavelength range 1.65 \AA to 6.4 \AA, but was optimized for a wavelength range of 1.0 \AA to 3.6 \AA, because experience with the optimizer shows that the results are better when optimizing for a slightly lower wavelength range than needed.

This work is carried out as part of the CAMEA work project. Members of this project are: Paul G. Freeman, Henrik M. Ronnow (EPFL), Christof Niedermayer, Fanni Jurányi, Márton Markó (PSI) Kim Lefmann, Jonas Okkels Birk, Mads Bertelsen (University of Copenhagen) Niels Bech Christensen, Jacob Larsen (Technical University of Denmark)

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