The costing of the CAMEA spectrometer as proposed, involving the prices of guides and shielding, the spectrometer itself and the key pieces of sample environment equipment needed to fulfill the science goals of CAMEA, is estimated at 19.519 M€, which should be seen as an upper limit. Out of the estimate total construction cost (18.239 M€) of the instrument, 44 % is the cost of guides, shielding and shutters, 35% is the cost of the CAMEA-specific parts, i.e. analyzer tank, graphite analyzer crystals, 3He detectors, radial collimator, Beryllium filter etc. 21% of the total cost corresponds to the estimate prices of the magnets and pressure cells foreseen for CAMEA but useable on other ESS instruments as well. Salaries are estimated to be 1.28 M€.