CAMEA: Comparison to the Colder Chopper Spectrometer

The Cold chopper and CAMEA spectrometers are in many ways equivalent. One uses several incoming energies combined with a continuous outgoing energy band while the other use a continuous incoming band and several outgoing energies, and both have big angular coverage. They do however also have some key differences. CAMEA have a higher flux in each channel while the cold chopper have a bigger angular coverage, bigger resolution flexibility, and more freedom in choosing its energy range. Since CAMEA cannot compete with the cold chopper at very high resolutions it is important to investigate how the CAMEA compares to the cold chopper in the primary operational region of CAMEA. For this comparison we have thus concentrated on settings where CAMEA excels (1.4% energy resolution, in plane scattering). We choose to consider only cold samples i.e. where down scattering is dominating and a wavelength band of 3.1 \AA to 4.76 \AA.

This work is carried out as part of the CAMEA work project. Members of this project are: Paul G. Freeman, Henrik M. Ronnow (EPFL), Christof Niedermayer, Fanni Jurányi, Márton Markó (PSI) Kim Lefmann, Jonas Okkels Birk, Mads Bertelsen (University of Copenhagen) Niels Bech Christensen, Jacob Larsen (Technical University of Denmark)

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