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Bulk Fermi surface and electronic properties of Cu0.07Bi2Se3

The electronic properties of Cu0.07Bi2Se3 have been investigated using Shubnikov-de Haas and optical reflectance measurements. Quantum oscillations reveal a bulk, three-dimensional Fermi surface with anisotropy k(F)(c)/k(F)(ab) approximate to 2 and a modest increase in free-carrier concentration and in scattering rate with respect to the undoped Bi2Se3, also confirmed by reflectivity data. The effective mass is almost identical to that of Bi2Se3. Optical conductivity reveals a strong enhancement of the bound impurity bands with Cu addition, suggesting that a significant number of Cu atoms enter the interstitial sites between Bi and Se layers or may even substitute for Bi. This conclusion is also supported by x-ray diffraction measurements, where a significant increase of microstrain was found in Cu0.07Bi2Se3, compared to Bi2Se3.


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