Phase properties of operator valued measures in phase space

The Wigner phase operator (WPO) is identified as an operator valued measure (OVM) and its eigenstates are obtained. An operator satisfying the canonical commutation relation with the Wigner phase operator is also constructed and this establishes a Wigner distribution based operator formalism for the Wigner phase distribution. It is then argued that the WPO cannot represent a projective measurement of the phase; but is in fact to be interpreted as an operator valued measure for the phase. The non-positivity of the latter can be overcome by defining a positive operator valued measure (POVM) via a proper filter function, based on the view that phase measurements are coarse-grained in phase space, leading to the well known Q-distribution. The identification of the Q phase operator as a POVM is in good agreement with the earlier observation regarding the relation between operational phase measurement schemes and the Q-distribution. The Q phase POVM can be dilated in the sense of Gelfand-Naimark, to an operational setting of interference at a beam-splitter with another coherent state - this results in a von Neumann projector with well-defined phase in the expanded Hilbert space of the two modes.

Published in:
Journal Of Modern Optics, 60, 6, 503-508
Abingdon, Taylor & Francis Ltd

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