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Brace Bar-Cobar Duality

Using Kadeishvili's formulas with appropriate signs, we show that the classical cobar construction from coalgebras to algebras \Omega: CoAlg -> Alg can be enhanced to a functor from Hopf algebras to E_2 algebras (for a certain choice of E_2 operad) \Omega : HopfAlg -> E_2 Alg, which, unlike its classical counterpart, is not strictly adjoint, but homotopically equivalent to the left adjoint of the enhanced bar construction B: E_2 Alg -> HopfAlg studied by Gerstenhaber--Voronov and Fresse.


    • EPFL-ARTICLE-188727

    Record created on 2013-09-25, modified on 2017-05-12

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