Electric Vehicles (EVs) owners are challenged by the limited flexibility of the actual EVs on-board charger according to the available charging station. This paper proposes a new concept of a Unified Converter (UC) for EVs based on the Configurable Modular Multilevel Converter (CMMC), which uses only one converter for fast charging and for driving system. In fact, the motor winding is used as filter during charging operation and the battery pack is split into submodules in order to modularize the battery subsystem. The concept enables an adaptation of the on-board standalone fast charger for different kinds of power sources (AC or DC, normal or fast). In addition, the CMMC itself can play the role of ancillary services during the interconnection with the Distributed Generation (DG). Furthermore, its implementation is pratically simple because it is based on well-known threephase control [1]. However, the CMMC requires an open-end AC machine with common middle points.