Uncooperative Rendezvous and Docking for MicroSats

This paper proposes a solution to perform active debris removal with a cost effective microsatellite. A complex aspect of debris removal in space is the detection and positive identification of the debris, medium to close approach as well as the orbital rendezvous and following on-site operations. These aspects will require a mix of several technologies, some of which already exist, and some of which will need to be miniaturized and adapted for programs such as CleanSpace One. The rendezvous phases in particular will require a good knowledge of the position of the chaser as well as that of the target. In the CleanSpace One concept, the approach and in-orbit maneuvering will be performed by a micropropulsion system based on miniature thrusters. This concept also proposes that grabbing will be done by means of a robotic claw, which will adapt itself to the form of a non-cooperating object. These are key technologies that currently being developed in EPFL laboratories. The overall microsatellite uses CubeSat and COTS technologies.

Presented at:
6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies, RAST 2013,, Istambul, Turkey, June 12-14 2013

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