Measurements of eddy correlation oxygen fluxes in shallow freshwaters: Towards routine applications and analysis

Benthic fluxes of dissolved oxygen are measured in a shallow reservoir using the eddy correlation technique. Flux variations depict the diurnal production-consumption cycle, with daytime oxygen release following the solar radiation trend. The average nighttime uptake of -40 +/- 11 mmol m(-2) d(-1) is in excellent agreement with the rate of -35 +/- 3 mmol m(-2) d(-1) derived from sediment oxygen mic-roprofiles. Separating large-scale advective and turbulent fluctuations is a crucial and uncertain component of the flux computation and the largest source of error. To compensate for the 2.25 s oxygen sensor response time, the oxygen flux calculations are corrected by only similar to 5% using a first-order spectral enhancement. This work demonstrates that only a slightly faster oxygen sensor would be needed to resolve the entire flux spectrum. The 18 hours of data are the first measurements obtained in a freshwater reservoir that capture the diurnal oxygen production-consumption cycle.

Published in:
Geophysical Research Letters, 35, 4
Washington, Amer Geophysical Union

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