Vertical localization performance in a practical 3-D WFS formulation

Vertical localization performance in a practical wave field synthesis formulation is investigated. The implemented 3-D rendering method allows precise sound source reproduction while taking into account practical constraints such as the required number of loudspeakers, arbitrary open loudspeaker surfaces, and required localization accuracy. A vertical localization experiment is carried out on an experimental system. Estimated source elevation is reported during an elevation matching task using an auditory pointer. Vertical localization accuracy is shown to be good with five elevation levels being discriminated. Localization precision remains as good as 6◦ – 9◦ with only 24 loudspeakers contributing to the wave field synthesis system covering the frontal quarter of the upper half sphere of the listening space. The response time is used as an additional performance index that further supports the localization results.

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Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 61, 12, 1001-1014

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