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Multiple-Field Approach for Aberration Correction in Miniature Imaging Systems Based on Wafer-Level Production

IIn mobile imaging systems, the most difficult element to integrate is the objective lens. Here we present an intermediate approach between the costly traditional objectives and the low-resolution objectives inspired by the compound eyes of insects. Our multi-field approach uses a small number of optical channels each imaging a portion of the desired field of view. The full-field image is reconstructed digitally. The optics of each channel is kept simple for wafer-level fabrication and its size is sufficient to obtain a reasonable resolution. We present the design and fabrication of a prototype using 9 plano-convex lenses for 9 channels. Glass lenses glued on a wafer are used to image a full-field of ±40° with an f-number of 3. The images obtained shows field curvature correction. A simple image reconstruction scheme is presented. In conclusion, multi-field objectives fabricated with micro-optics technology are thin, simple to mount, robust, and easily replicated

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