We report here a new cationic bis-cyclometallated iridium(III) complex, 1, with deep-blue emission at 440 nm and its use in Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells (LECs). The design is based on the 2',6'-difluoro-2,3'-bipyridine skeleton as the cyclometallating ligand and a bis-imidazolium carbene-type ancillary ligand. Furthermore, bulky tert-butyl substituents are used to limit the intermolecular interactions. LECs have been driven both at constant voltage (6 V) and constant current (2.5 mA cm(-2)). The performances are significantly improved with the latter method, resulting overall in one of the best reported greenish-blue LECs having fast response (17 s), light intensity over 100 cd m(-2) and a reasonable efficiency of almost 5 cd A(-1).