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000185320 245__ $$aHierarchy-oriented modeling of enterprise architecture using reference-model of open distributed processing
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000185320 520__ $$aModeling Enterprise Architecture (EA) requires the representation of multiple views for an enterprise. This could be done by a team of stakeholders that essentially have different backgrounds. One way to do this is to structure the model into hierarchical levels each of which can be of interest to just some, not all, stakeholders. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of EA, stakeholders simply cannot choose a single modeling approach, even a widely-recognized one, to build their enterprise model and make it viewable and understandable to the whole team. Developing a modeling framework that can be applied uniformly throughout the entire enterprise model and that can be used by all stakeholders is thus challenging. We based our work on the RM-ODP (Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing) - a standardization effort that defines essential concepts for modeling distributed systems, as well as ODP-related international standards/recommendations, to develop such a modeling framework that we call SeamCAD. This framework consists of a computer-aided tool and a language behind the tool for modeling EA in a hierarchical manner. SeamCAD makes RM-ODP applicable in the context of multi-level EA and consolidates the SEAM - a family of methods for seamless integration between disciplines. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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