A facile approach for controlling the orientation of one-dimensional mesochannels in mesoporous titania films

Controlling of the orientation of mesochannels in mesostructured thin films is important for the development of novel molecular devices and, in particular, generating vertically aligned mesochannels with respect to the substrate plane is extremely challenging for nonsiliceous materials. We describe a facile and highly effective air flow method, which is able to control the unidirectional alignment of titania mesochannels in a desired direction (e.g., parallel, perpendicular, or oblique) on a large scale, via manipulation of the air flow rate and incident angle. The titania mesochannels were characterized by TEM, SEM, SAXRD, and GISAXS. The unidirectional, vertically aligned mesostructured titania films were found to exhibit excellent ion conductivity.

Published in:
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 20238-20241
Washington, Amer Chemical Soc

 Record created 2013-03-25, last modified 2019-05-27

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