Conference paper

Investigation of fast ion transport in TORPEX

Basic aspects of fast ion transport in ideal interchange-mode unstable plasmas are investigated in the simple toroidal plasma device TORPEX. Fast ions are generated by a miniaturized lithium 6+ ion source with energies up to 1 keV, and are detected using a double-gridded energy analyser mounted on a two-dimensional movable system in the poloidal cross-section. The signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced by applying a modulated biasing voltage to the fast ion source and using a synchronous detection scheme. An analogue lock-in amplifier has been developed, which allows removing the capacitive noise associated with the voltage modulation. We characterize vertical and radial transport of the fast ions, which is associated with the plasma turbulence. Initial experimental results show good agreement with numerical simulations of the fast ion transport in a global fluid simulation of the TORPEX plasma.


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