Conference paper

Light Harvesting Schemes for High Efficiency Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells

In Thin Film Silicon (TF-Si) solar cells light harvesting schemes must guarantee an efficient light trapping in the thin absorber layers without decreasing the silicon layers quality and consecutively the p-i-n diodes electrical performance. TF-Si solar cells resilience to the substrate roughness is reported to be possibly improved through optimizations of the cell design and of the silicon deposition processes. By further tailoring the superstrate texture, amorphous silicon / microcrystalline silicon (a-Si:H/mu c-Si:H) tandem solar cells with an initial efficiency up to 13.7 % and a stabilized efficiency up to 11.8 % are demonstrated on single-scale textured superstrates. An alternative approach combining large and smooth features nanoimprinted onto a transparent lacquer with small and sharp textures from as-grown LPCVD ZnO is then shown to have a high potential for further increasing TF-Si devices efficiency. First results demonstrate up to 14.1 % initial efficiency for a TF-Si tandem solar cell.

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