Two identical conductor samples were fabricated from 110 m length cable prepared for qualification of the manufacturing process for Phase II procurement of ITER TF conductor. Superconducting strand characteristics, cabling specifications, and the stainless steel jacket sections are described. Sample assembly and instrumentation of various voltage taps and temperature sensors have been prepared according to specified procedures for conductor performance qualification. The performance test program which was agreed to by the SULTAN working group was applied to the conductor samples. To assess the current sharing temperature (T-cs), standard analysis procedures were adopted. The T-cs of both samples at 68 kA with a background field of 10.78 T after a 1000 cyclic load are well above the acceptance criteria. Behavior of individual "star" voltage taps which are located at different positions and which are possible origins of rather large discrepancies in the T-cs of identical samples is discussed. The effective strain and the transition index of the samples are obtained from the experimental data.