Classical big-bounce cosmology: dynamical analysis of a homogeneous and irrotational Weyssenhoff fluid

A dynamical analysis of an effective homogeneous and irrotational Weyssenhoff fluid in general relativity is performed using the 1 + 3 covariant approach that enables the dynamics of the fluid to be determined without assuming any particular form for the spacetime metric. The spin contributions to the field equations produce a bounce that averts an initial singularity, provided that the spin density exceeds the rate of shear. At later times, when the spin contribution can be neglected, a Weyssenhoff fluid reduces to a standard cosmological fluid in general relativity. Numerical solutions for the time evolution of the generalized scale factor R(t) in spatially curved models are presented, some of which exhibit eternal oscillatory behaviour without any singularities. In spatially flat models, analytical solutions for particular values of the equation-of-state parameter are derived. Although the scale factor of a Weyssenhoff fluid generically has a positive temporal curvature near a bounce, it requires unreasonable fine tuning of the equation-of-state parameter to produce a sufficiently extended period of inflation to fit the current observational data.

Published in:
Classical and Quantum Gravity, 25, 24, 245016
Institute of Physics

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