Conference paper

An NVC Emotional Model for Conversational Virtual Humans in a 3D Chatting Environment

This paper proposes a new emotional model for Virtual Humans (VHs) in a conversational environment. As a part of a multi-users emotional 3D-chatting system, this paper focus on how to formulate and visualize the flow of emotional state defined by the Valence-Arousal-Dominance (VAD) parameters. From this flow of emotion over time, we successfully visualized the change of VHs’ emotional state through the proposed emoFaces and emoMotions. The notion of Non-Verbal Communication (NVC) was exploited for driving plausible emotional expressions during conversation. With the help of a proposed interface, where a user can parameterize emotional state and flow, we succeeded to vary the emotional expressions and reactions of VHs in a 3D conversation scene.


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