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Inexact accurate partitioned algorithms for fluid-structure interaction problems with finite elasticity in haemodynamics

In this paper we consider the numerical solution of the three-dimensional fluid–structure interaction problem in haemodynamics, in the case of real geometries, physiological data and finite elasticity vessel deformations. We study some new inexact schemes, obtained from semi-implicit approximations, which treat exactly the physical interface conditions while performing just one or few iterations for the management of the interface position and of the fluid and structure non-linearities. We show that such schemes allow to improve the efficiency while preserving the accuracy of the related exact (implicit) scheme. To do this we consider both a simple analytical test case and two real cases of clinical interest in haemodynamics. We also provide an error analysis for a simple differential model problem when a BDF method is considered for the time discretization and only few Newton iterations are performed at each temporal instant.

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