Campus-Wide Smart Grid Communication Network

This document serves as a log file for recording the progress and output of the EPFL campus-wide smart grid communication network project. The general objective of the project is to come up with an operational region which the PMUs are advised to work within in order to better utilize the bandwidth of the SHDSL link. The document is also a complementary document to the design specification document for the EPFL campus-wide smart grid communication network. The document keeps track of technical and hands-on details of setting up the communication network infrastructure in an organized way so that it could be used as a reader-friendly reference document in case someone wants to repeat the procedures again. The document also describes in details the performance issue related tests designed and implemented and presents the corresponding results and analysis so that they could be referenced in the future for troubleshooting reasons.

    Keywords: epfl-smartgrids


    • EPFL-REPORT-181843

    Record created on 2012-10-19, modified on 2017-05-12

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