Amazon Web Services- a Case Study

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a set (more than 25) of proprietary web-based services owned by All these services ranging from simple storage to sophisticated database services constitute the cloud platform oered by Amazon. An extensive list of customers for AWS include Dropbox, UniLever, Airbnb, Nasdaq, Netflix. As of 2007, there are more than 300K developers actively using AWS. It is one of the pioneers which brought the cloud computing closer to masses helping number of start ups bootstrap their businesses. AWS is a true testimony of how a just-Internet-enabled business grew into a complete-technology-company competing with dedicated technology companies- the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Apple. In the following case study, we analyze the various aspects of AWS and the business and economic principles that drove their creation and design.


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    Record created on 2012-09-11, modified on 2017-05-12

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