The study uses a domestic dwelling as the setting to investigate and explore the applicability of daylighting metrics for residential buildings. The metrics address daylight provision for task and electric lighting usage. In addition to these it also investigates the formulation of preliminary metrics to evaluating the potential for non-visual effects. The setting, a residential building with and without skylights, was evaluated for all 32 combinations of eight European climates and four building orientations covering the cities of Hamburg, London, Madrid, Moscow, Ostersund, Paris, Rome and Warsaw. The evaluation is based on a real life renovation case in which new skylights have been added to the kitchen, living room, large and small bathrooms and staircase. This section summarises the findings based on 64 unique sets of climate-based daylight simulation (32 combinations x 2 design variants) in which three different aspects of daylight are evaluated: daylighting performance, energy savings for lighting and non-visual effects.