Strong, weak and flavor scalar triplets for the CDF Wjj anomaly

A model describing the 4.1 sigma Wjj anomaly observed by the CDF experiment at the Tevatron collider is introduced. It features new scalar particles which are charged both under the SU(3)(C) and the SU(2)(L) gauge groups and which couple to pairs of quarks. We introduce several identical replicas of the scalar multiplets in order to leave an unbroken U(3)(Q) x U(3)(U) x U(3)(D) flavor symmetry to satisfy the constraints coming from flavor physics. We discuss the LHC reach on the new scalar resonances both in the resonant production channel (with the Wjj final state) and in the QCD pair-production channel (with the 4j final state).

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European Physical Journal C, 72, -

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