How to specify and how to prove correctness of secure routing protocols for MANET

Secure routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks have been developed recently, yet, it has been unclear what are the properties they achieve, as a formal analysis of these protocols is mostly lacking. In this paper we are concerned with this problem, how to specify and how to prove the correctness- of a secure routing protocol. We provide a definition of what a protocol is expected to achieve independently of its functionality, as well as communication. and adversary models. This way, we enable formal reasoning on. the correctness of secure routing protocols. We demonstrate this by analyzing two protocols from the literature.

Published in:
2006 3Rd International Conference On Broadband Communications, Networks And Systems, Vols 1-3, 1224-1233
Presented at:
3rd International Conference on Broadband Communications Networks and Systems, San Jose, CA, Oct 01-05, 2006
Ieee Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, Po Box 1331, Piscataway, Nj 08855-1331 Usa

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