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Keyword based indexing and searching over storage resource broker

A keyword based metadata indexing and searching facility for Storage Resource Broker (SRB) is presented here. SRB is a popular data grid based storage system that provides means to store data and associate metadata information with the stored data. The metadata storage system in SRB is modeled on the attribute-value pair representation. This data structure enables SRB to be used as a general purpose data management platform for a variety of application domains. However, the generic representation of metadata storage mechanism also proves to be a limitation for applications that depend on the extensive use of the associated metadata in order to provide customized search and query operations. The presented work addresses this limitation by providing a keyword based indexing system over the metadata stored in the SRB system. The system is tightly coupled with the SRB metadata catalog; thereby ensuring that the keyword indexes are always kept updated to reflect changes in the host SRB system.


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