A New Method for ECG Tracking of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Termination during Stepwise Ablation

Stepwise radiofrequency catheter ablation (step-CA) has become the treatment of choice for the restoration of sinus rhythm (SR) in patients with long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation (pers-AF). Its success rate appears limited as the amount of ablation to achieve long term SR is unknown. Multiple organization indexes (OIs) have been previously developed to track the organization of AF during step-CA, however, with limited success. We report an adaptive method for tracking AF termination (AF-term) based on OIs characterizing the relationship between harmonic components of atrial activity from the surface ECG of AF activity. By computing their relative evolution during the last two steps preceding AF-term, we found that the performance of our OIs was superior to classical indices to track the efficiency of step-CA “en route” to AF-term. Our preliminary results suggest that the gradual synchronization between the fundamental and its first harmonic of AF activity appears as a promising parameter for predicting AF-term during step-CA.

Published in:
Computing in Cardiology, 38, 165-168
Presented at:
Computing in Cardiology, Hangzhou, China, September 18-21 2011

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