Conference paper

Accurate and Efficient Linear Structure Segmentation by Leveraging Ad Hoc Features with Learned Filters

Extracting linear structures, such as blood vessels or dendrites, from images is crucial in many medical imagery applications, and many handcrafted features have been proposed to solve this problem. However, such features rely on assumptions that are never entirely true. Learned features, on the other hand, can capture image characteristics difficult to define analytically, but tend to be much slower to compute than handcrafted features. We propose to complement handcrafted methods with features found using very recent Machine Learning techniques, and we show that even few filters are sufficient to efficiently leverage handcrafted features. We demonstrate our approach on the STARE, DRIVE, and BF2D datasets, and on 2D projections of neural images from the DIADEM challenge. Our proposal outperforms handcrafted methods, and pairs up with learning-only approaches at a fraction of their computational cost.

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