We study time and space equivariant wave maps from $M \times \mathbb{R} \rightarrow S^2$, where $M$ is dieomorphic to a two dimensional sphere and admits an action of $SO(2)$ by isometries. We assume that metric on $M$ can be written as $dr^2+f^2(r)d\theta^2$ away from the two xed points of the action, where the curvature is positive, and prove that stationary (time equivariant) rotationally symmetric (of any rotation number) smooth wave maps exist and are stable in the energy topology. The main new ingredient in the construction, compared with the case where $M$ is isometric to the standard sphere (considered by Shatah and Tahvildar-Zadeh [34]), is the the use of triangle comparison theorems to obtain pointwise bounds on the fundamental solution on a curved background.