Conference paper

Asynchronous Broadcast on the Intel SCC using Interrupts

This paper focuses on the design of an asynchronous broadcast primitive on the Intel SCC. Our solution is based on OC-Bcast, a state-of-the-art k-ary tree synchronous broadcast algorithm that leverages the parallelism provided by on-chip Remote Memory Accesses to Message Passing Buffers. In the paper, we study the use of parallel inter-core interrupts as a means to implement an efficient asynchronous group communication primitive, and present the userspace library we designed to be able to use interrupts in OC-Bcast and make it work asynchronously. Our experimental evaluation shows that our algorithm allows parallel broadcast operations to efficiently progress concurrently and provides low latency for a single broadcast operation. It highlights that parallel interrupts can help implementing efficient group communication primitives on many-core systems.

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