Disruptive Logic Architectures and Technologies

This book discusses the opportunities offered by disruptive technologies to overcome the economical and physical limits currently faced by the electronics industry. It provides a new methodology for the fast evaluation of an emerging technology from an architectural perspective and discusses the implications from simple circuits to complex architectures. Several technologies are discussed, ranging from 3-D integration of devices (Phase Change Memories, Monolithic 3-D, Vertical NanoWires-based transistors) to dense 2-D arrangements (Double-Gate Carbon Nanotubes, Sublithographic Nanowires, Lithographic Crossbar arrangements). Novel architectural organizations, as well as the associated tools, are presented in order to explore this freshly opened design space. Describes a novel architectural organization for future reconfigurable systems; Includes a complete benchmarking toolflow for emerging technologies; Generalizes the description of reconfigurable circuits in terms of hierarchical levels; Assesses disruptive logic blocks, using functionality-increased and density-increased devices.


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