Continuous-wavelet transform for fault location in distribution power networks: Definition of mother wavelets inferred from fault originated transients

The paper presents a fault location procedure for distribution networks based on the wavelet analysis of the fault-generated traveling waves. In particular, the proposed procedure implements the continuous wavelet analysis applied to the voltage waveforms recorded during the fault in correspondence of a network bus. In order to improve the wavelet analysis, an algorithm is proposed to build specific mother wavelets inferred from the fault-originated transient waveforms. © 2008 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 23, 2, 380-388
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, Cited By (since 1996): 24, Export Date: 25 April 2012, Source: Scopus, CODEN: ITPSE, Language of Original Document: English, Correspondence Address: Borghetti, A.; Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy; email:, References: (1998) Fault Management in Flectrical Distribution Systems, , CIRED WG03 Fault Management; Sachdev, M.S., Agarwal, R., A technique for estimating transmission line fault location from digital impedance relay measurements (1988) IEEE Trans. Power Del, 3 (1), pp. 121-129. , Jan; K. Srinivasan and A. St.-Jacques. A new fault location algorithm for radial transmission lines with loads, IEEE Trans. Power Del., 4, no. 3, pp. 1676-1682, Jul. 1989Girgis, A.A., Hart, D.G., Peterson, W.L., A new fault location technique for two- and three-terminal lines (1992) IEEE Trans. Power Del, 7 (1), pp. 98-107. , Jan; Ancell, G.B., Pahalawatha, N.C., Maximum likelihood estimation of fault location on transmission lines using travelling waves (1994) IEEE Trans. Power Del, 9 (2), pp. 680-689. , Apr; Chaari, O., Meunier, M., Brouaye, F., Wavelets: A new tool for the resonant grounded power distribution systems relaying (1996) IEEE Trans. Power Del, 11 (3), pp. 1301-1308. , Jul; Magnago, F.H., Abur, A., Fault location using wavelets (1998) IEEE Trans. Power Del, 13 (4). , pl. 1475-1480, Oct; Magnago, F.H., Abur, A., A new fault location technique for radial distribution systems based on high frequency signals (1999) Proc. IEEE-Power Eng. Soc. Summer Meeting, 1, pp. 426-431. , Jul. 18-22; Thomas, D.W.P., Batty, R.E., Christopoulos, C., Wang, A., A novel transmission-line voltage measuring method (1998) IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas, 47 (5), pp. 1265-1270. , Oct; Ebron, S., Lubkeman, D.L., White, M., A neural network approach to the detection of incipient faults on power distribution feeders (1990) IEEE Trans. Power Del, 5 (2), pp. 905-914. , Apr; Chen, Z., Maun, J.C., Artificial neural network approach to single-ended fault locator for transmission lines (2000) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 15 (1), pp. 370-375. , Feb; Kandil, N., Sood, V.K., Khorasani, K., Patel, R.V., Fault identification in an AC-DC transmission system using neural networks (2002) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 7 (2), pp. 812-819. , May; Borghetti, A., Corsi, S., Nucci, C.A., Paolone, M., Feretto, L., Tinarelli, R., On the use of continuous-wavelet transform for fault location in distribution power networks (2006) Elect. Power Energy Syst, 28, pp. 608-617; Goupillaud, P., Grossmann, A., Morlet, J., Cycle-octave and related transforms in seismic signal analysis (1984) Geoexploration, 23, pp. 85-102; Daubechies, I., The wavelet transform, time-frequency localization and signal analysis (1990) IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, 36 (9), pp. 961-1605. , Sep; Daubechies, I., Orthonormal bases of compactly supported wavelets (1988) Commun. Pure Appl. Math, 41, pp. 909-996; Mallat, S.G., A theory for multiresolution signal decomposition: The wavelet representation (1989) IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell, 11 (7), pp. 674-693. , Jul; Mallat, S.G., Multifrequency channel decompositions of images and wavelet models (1989) IEEE Trans. Acoust., Speech, Signal Process, ASSP-37 (12), pp. 2091-2110. , Dec; Rioul, O., Vetterli, M., Wavelets and signal processing (1991) IEEE Signal Process. Mag, 8 (4), pp. 14-38. , Oct; Radial distribution test feeders (1991) IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 6 (3), pp. 975-985. , IEEE Distribution Planning Working Group, Aug; Clarke, E., (1943) Circuit Analysis of AC Power Systems, 1. , New York: Wiley; Dommel, H.W., Digital computer solution of electromagnetic transients in single and multi-phase networks (1969) IEEE Trans. Power App. Syst, PAS-88, pp. 388-399. , Apr; Oppenheim, A.V., Schafer, R.W., (1989) Discrete-Time Signal Processing, , Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall; Graps, A., An introduction to wavelets (1995) IEEE Comput. Sci. Eng, 2 (2), pp. 50-61. , Summer; Lobos, T., Sikorski, T., Schegner, P., Joint time-frequency representation of non-stationary signals in electrical power engineering (2005) Proc. 15th Power Systems Computation Conf. (PSCC'05), , Liege, Belgium, Aug. 22-26, paper fp 97; Mahseredjian, J., Dubé, L., Gérin-Lajoie, L., New advances in the simulation of transients with EMTP: Computation and visualization technique (2002) Proc. 17th Int. Conf. Modeling and Simulation of Electric Machines, Converters and Systems, , Montreal, QC, Canada, Aug; Mahseredjian, J., Dennetière, S., Dubé, L., Khodabakhchian, B., On a new approach for the simulation of transients in power systems (2005) Proc. Int. Conf. Power Systems Transients IPST'2005, , Montreal, QC, Canada, Jun; Strang, G., Nguyen, T., (1996) Wavelets and Filter Banks, , Wellesley, MA: Wellesley Cambridge Press; Abur, A., Private CommunicationUR -

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