Novel small display using ferrofluid deformations as a visual information vector

Ferrofluids are suspensions of ferromagnetic nano-particles in a fluid carrier (typically oil). They have the property to change their shape when subjected to a magnetic field following the flux lines. Often used in design and art, the goal of this project is to develop a new kind of small screen (few cm) capable of displaying visual information using ferrofluid deformations. The aim is the design of a matrix of 15 pixels (3x5) capable of displaying distinct numbers and characters. Outer dimensions should not exceed 3x5 cm and the power consumption should be minimized. This project involves the design and optimization of specific electromagnets and the development of a control electronic board.

Savioz, Grégory
Perriard, Yves

 Notice créée le 2012-03-02, modifiée le 2020-08-31

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