Le foncteur de bi-ensembles des modules de p-permutation

Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p, where p is a prime number or 0. Let G be a finite group and ppk(G) be the Grothendieck group of p-permutation kG-modules. If we tensor it with C, then Cppk becomes a C-linear biset functor. Recall that the simple biset functor SH,V are parametrized by pairs (H,V), where H is a finite group and V a simple COut(H)-module. If we only consider p'-groups, then Cppk = CRk is the usual representation functor and we know the simple functors which are its composition factors. If we consider only p-groups, then Cppk = CB is the Burnside functor and we also know the simple functors which are its composition factors. We want to find the composition factors of Cppk in general. In order to achieve this, we first show that the composition factors from the special cases above are also composition factors for Cppk. Then, we consider groups of little order and try to find new composition factors. This leads us to find the following new composition factors : The simple factors SCm,Cξ and SCp×Cp× Cm,Cξ, where (m,ξ) runs over the set of all pairs formed by a positive integer m prime to p and a primitive character ξ : (Z/mZ)* → C*. Their multiplicity as composition factors is 1. The simple factors SCp⋊Cl, C, where l is a number prime to p, the action of Cl on Cp is faithful and C is the trivial COut(Cp ⋊ Cl)-module. Their multiplicity as composition factors is φ(l). The simple functors SG,C, where G is a finite p-hypo-elementary B-group (for which an explicit classification is done) and C the trivial COut(G)-module. We also show that some specific simple functors appear, indexed by the groups C3 ⋊ C4, C5 ⋊ C4 and A4. On the way, we find all the composition factors of the subfunctor of permutation modules.

Thévenaz, Jacques
Lausanne, EPFL
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urn: urn:nbn:ch:bel-epfl-thesis5338-6

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