A hybrid S-N formulation for fatigue life modeling of composite materials and structures

A semi-empirical S-N formulation for the modeling of the constant amplitude fatigue behavior of composite materials and structures is introduced in this paper. The new S-N formulation is based on the commonly used exponential and power law fatigue models. It is a hybrid formulation combining the two existing models in order to improve their modeling accuracy in the low and high cycle fatigue regions. This formulation was applied to a number of fatigue databases for different composite materials and structural elements in order to simulate their fatigue behavior. The modeling accuracy of the hybrid model was compared to the accuracy of commonly used S-N models for composite materials. As proved, the hybrid model performs better in the majority of the examined cases and is able to overcome the disadvantages of previously developed models without introducing any complexity in the fitting procedure. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Published in:
Composites Part A, 43, 3, 445-453

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