Un espace de stockage et de conservation des contenus nativement digitaux. A Place of Storage and Preservation of nativly digital Contents. Text: m.ark is information; m.ark is immaterial; m.ark is hardware m.ark is storage; m.ark is material; m.ark is content; m.ark is a container m.ark is a place; m.ark is a locus; m.ark is a network m.ark is surfaces; m.ark is deepness; m.ark is a wall; m.ark is space; m.ark is structure; m.ark is infrastructure m.ark is a destination; m.ark is nowhere; m.ark is ubiquitary m.ark is time; m.ark is perennial m.ark is an organism; m.ark is constantly growing; m.ark is self-ruling m.ark is conceptual; m.ark is a heterotopia m.ark is a sanctuary; m.ark is a monument; m.ark is a representation m.ark is memory; m.ark is our past; m.ark is our future. Internet culture's new paradigms required the redefinition of concepts which seemed so far to be acquired and stable, like the notion of place, existence, surface, space or time. Given the simultaneity and immediacity of the internet and its ability to substract itself from all spatial constraints, M.ark fixes in space and time the continuous flow of information in perpetual movement. M.ark is an entity dedicated to store and preserve Internet users generated content. It is a place, a locus, constantly growing, where informations and datas turn into space, making a new type of cathedral of the information and memory's age.