Braced frames are often used to resist lateral earthquake loads in steel buildings, but braces can interfere with architectural features. Eccentrically braced frames (EBFs) will accommodate windows, doors, and halls, but have performance limitations when link-to column connections are required. An alternative to EBFs may be buckling restrained braced frames with eccentric configurations (BRBF-Es). This paper introduces the concept of BRBF-Es and highlights design considerations. An analytical study was conducted that compares the performance and economy of BRBF-Es with EBFs. Results from non-linear time history analyses indicate that BRBF-Es will have greater residual drifts than comparable EBFs, but are less susceptible to failures at link-to-column connections. BRBF-Es require more steel than EBFs, but savings in design, fabrication, and erection may offset higher material costs.