Self-assembled ferroelectric-dielectric nanocomposite films for tunable applications

Nanocomposite films consisting of BaTiO3 and CeO2 have been grown by a self-assembled approach. The composite structure of those films varied with the volume fractions of BaTiO3 and CeO2. A BaTiO3 in the form of inclined nano-fibers embedded in CeO2 matrix was obtained for CeO2-rich composition, which results in an appreciable tunability with a very low permittivity of 50. The observed tunable properties imply the competitive potential of BaTiO3-CeO2 composite as an alternative tunable material.

Published in:
Fundamentals And Technology Of Multifunctional Oxide Thin Films (Symposium G, Emrs 2009 Spring Meeting), 8, -
Presented at:
Conference on Fundamentals and Technology of Multifunctional Oxide Thin Films (Symposium G, EMRS 2009 Spring Meeting), Strasbourg, FRANCE, Jun 08-12, 2009
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