The aim of this paper is to present an up to date review of the status of the European DIPOle (EDIPO) project whose objective is to build a new facility to perform both DC and AC tests of large superconductor samples in high magnetic background field (up to similar to 12.5 T). EDIPO was designed by EFDA, is being built by BNG (Babcock-Noell) and, once completed, it shall be installed near the existing SULTAN facility at the Paul-Scherer-Institute, (CRPP, Villigen, Switzerland). The results presented focus on the manufacture of the dummy coil (which is a 1: 1 model of one of the EDIPO poles) that was completed in spring 2009. Details are given about the dummy coil winding results, coil reaction heat treatment, impregnation and acceptance tests. Moreover, a progress status is provided about the manufacturing of the other parts of the EDIPO magnet assembly, in particular with respect to the manufacturing of the test-well, AC coils, yoke sheets cutting and assembly, the outer cylinder production and welding (316 LN steel, 35 mm thick) and the coils ends preparation. Some results regarding the R&D studies are also reported about the winding trials carried out to improve the winding accuracy and the numerical simulations made to support coil winding (e.g. conductor spring back).