We present a viscometric affinity biosensor for continuous monitoring of glucose in biological fluids such as blood and plasma. The sensing principle of this chemico-mechanical sensor is based upon the viscosity variation of a sensitive fluid with glucose concentration. Basically, this device includes both an actuating and a sensing piezoelectric diaphragms as well as a flow-resistive microchannel. In order to confine the sensitive fluid and allow glucose diffusion into the sensor, a free-standing alumina nanoporous membrane is also used as size-selective interface. Measurements carried out at nominal temperatures of 25 and 37°C reveal that this sensor topology exhibits a high resolution in the current range of physiological blood glucose concentrations, i.e. 2-20 mM. In addition, complete reversibility was also demonstrated for at least 3 days. Finally, measurements performed in human blood serum confirm that this sensor fulfils all basic requirements for a use in continuous glucose monitoring of biological fluids.