The TCV tokamak contributes to the physics understanding of fusion plasmas, broadening the parameter range of reactor relevant regimes, by investigations based on an extensive use of the existing main experimental tools: flexible shaping and high power real time-controllable electron cyclotron heating (ECH) and current drive (ECCD) systems. A proposed implementation of direct ion heating on the TCV by the installation of a 20–35 keV neutral beam injection (NBI) with a total power of 1–3 MW would permit an extension of the accessible range of ion to electron temperatures (Ti/Te ~ 0.1–0.8) to well beyond unity, depending on the NBI/ECH mix and the plasma density. A NBI system would provide TCV with a tool for plasma study at reactor relevant Ti/Te ratios ~ 1 and in investigating fast ion and MHD physics together with the effects of plasma rotation and high plasma β scenarios. The feasibility studies for a NBI heating on TCV presented in this paper were undertaken to construct a specification for the neutral beam injectors together with an experimental geometry for possible operational scenarios.