This paper presents a general analytical model for predicting the magnetic field of slotless permanent-magnet machines. The model takes into account the effect of eddy currents in conductive regions and notably in conductive permanent magnets without neglecting their remanent field. The modeling of this effect is important for the design of very high speed slotless permanent-magnet machines, as the power losses are linked with the frequency of the field. The model takes into account any number of layers. It implies that, for one, the fields can easily be calculated in a design including a permanent magnet and a conductive retaining sleeve. The model is applicable both to internal rotor and external rotor permanent-magnet machines. The effect of the relative permeability and of the conductivity of the permanent magnet or of the yoke on the magnetic fields is also taken into account. Any magnetization can be taken into account, in particular a Halbach type permanent magnet, or a radially magnetized permanent magnet can be considered.