Performance Test of TFK=2 qualification sample of ITER TF conductor

According to the pre-qualification program for the production of Korean conductor for ITER TF magnet, a CICC(Cable In Conduit Conductor) sample for SULTAN test was developed based on the "Option 2" specification which is the improved one among the two established baseline designs. For the assessment of performance, SULTAN test of the conductor sample was carried out in CRPP employing recently updated instrumentations on the sample and the joint of two conductor pieces, which has been discussed and modified for the proper estimation of T-cs. As a course of the analysis, the assessment of T-cs values was presented using the basic protocol of data reduction, and the discussion was made on the standard process of analysis. In addition, we investigated some exposed problems in the data manipulation such as non-linear voltage slopes being possible to be related to conductor characteristic itself and the initial offset problem in the calorimetric method. On the presentation of the test results, we also report the manufacture of the conductor with the qualification of the components including carefully designed Nb3Sn internal-tin superconducting strands for an improvement of conductor performance.

Published in:
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 20, 3, 458-461

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