ECOS2010 - 23rd International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, June 14-17 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland Ecoefficiency and renewable energy for a sustainable world + Developments, application and teaching of methods in: - Basic and applied thermodynamics - Thermoeconomics and environomics - Simulation, improvement and optimization of energy conversion systems - Process design, analysis and integration of thermal and chemical systems - Diagnostic and control of thermal systems - Environmental impact and sustainability of energy systems + Relevant physical systems - Conventional and advanced power plants - Polygeneration and District heating/cooling systems - New technologies in heat pumps, refrigeration and air conditioning - New technologies for electricity (co)generation - Industrial process plants - Energy storage - Carbon Capture and Storage - Hydrogen and natural gas technologies - Biomass conversion systems - Energy conversion systems for transportation - Water Desalination and Treatment + Focus points - Technology, environmental and economical aspects of biofuels and other renewable energies (biomass, geothermal, thermal solar) - Fuel cells systems - Heat pumps and Organic Rankine Cycles