Conference paper

Multi-Scale Assessment of Cr Contamination Levels in SOFC Cathode Environment

This study aims to quantify in a holistic approach chromium (Cr) contamination in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack testing using adapted tools: i) a hot gas sampling method to analyze volatile Cr species in the air flux at the cathode inlet location; ii) a rapid quantification method for Cr as condensed matter in cathode material of post-test samples. The hot air sampling method reveals itself as a reproducible and time-resolved quantification technique for Cr trace amounts in a gas flow; this technique is seen as a promising evaluation tool for Cr contamination issues in SOFC systems. The quantification method reveals severe Cr-poisoning in a cell. The combined findings indicate that Cr contamination generated by system components located upstream the cell must be suppressed by hindering the access of Cr pollutants to the cathode compartment.


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