A combined determination of wind velocities and ozone concentrations for a first measurement of ozone fluxes with a DIAL instrument during the MEDCAPHOT-TRACE campaign

From a data set collected during the MEDCAPHOT-TRACE field campaign, we demonstrate that ozone fluxes can be detd. with a shot-per-shot DIAL instrument operated in the UV spectral region. This is done by the simultaneous reconstruction of ozone concns. and of wind speeds using the same sample of lidar returns. A correlation scheme is used for the wind velocity retrieval, in which the transport of the spatial inhomogeneities of the aerosol backscattering coeff. along the optical path of the system is analyzed.

Published in:
Atmospheric Environment, 32, 12, 2151-2159
Copyright 2003 ACS
AN 1998:336791
CAN 129:19051
Air Pollution and Industrial Hygiene
Lab. Air Soil Pollution,E.P.F.L.,Lausanne,Switz. FIELD URL:
written in English.
Wind (combined detn. of wind velocities and ozone concns. with DIAL instrument)
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