Sn and Pt films were laser deposited on a quartz plate or C membrane supports by using light-induced thermal dissocn. and photodissocn. of SnMe4 and bis(hexafluoroacetylacetonato)platinum, resp. An Ar laser (l = 514.5, 455.5, 257.3 nm) and a Hg lamp (l = 253.7 nm) were used as the light sources. The structure and the formation of the metal films were investigated and the deposition rate was measured. A new method, based on the detn. of the vapor pressure, was introduced for measuring the deposition rate. The fact that the linear relation between the deposition rate and the light intensity can be kept at the focus point from the intensity of the frequency doubled light to a very low intensity of Hg lamp, indicates that the photodeposition of SnMe4 is caused by a single photon process. From the smallest distance between interference lines, the space resoln. of photodeposition is <0.2 mm.